30 Sep 2011

A decent 500kHz allocation a step nearer?

From a post on the GQRP Yahoo group....

"On the IARU Region 1 website Colin Thomas, G3PSM, reports on progress in Mainz towards an Amateur Radio allocation in the vicinity of 500 kHz.

WRC12 Agenda Item 1.23 says "To consider an allocation of about 15 kHz in parts of the band 415-526.5 kHz to the amateur service on a secondary basis, taking into account the need to protect existing services;"

The CEPT Conference Preparatory Group Project Team C (CPG PT C) meeting took place in Mainz, Germany and Colin Thomas, G3PSM, reports:

At its meeting between 26 and 29 September, 2011 the CEPT project team approved a draft ECP for an 8kHz-wide band between 472 and 480kHz. This draft ECP now goes to CEPT's Conference Preparatory Group for formal ratification in November. This breakthrough, at the 11th and final meeting of the project team, occurred with the submission by the UK's Ofcom of an RSGB-drafted compromise ECP proposal supported by France and Sweden. But the prospect of an agreed CEPT position is good progress, representing a 48 country block vote going into next year's WRC-12. It needs to be noted that the draft ECP comes with significant caveats to avoid interference to the primary user, as well as the existing secondary user services. These are the maritime and aeronautical radionavigation services respectively. As secondary users we would also not be afforded any protection. It should be acknowledged that we have had support from a number of Region 1 national societies in getting to this position."


Anonymous said...

This is good news. I have not read the details, but I wonder in an NOV will still be required. Maybe the lack of an NOV might increase activity. If I ever get to a point were I can get a small TX antenna up and my CW is up to speed (pun intended) I can see this band would be of great interest to me.

Roger G3XBM said...

If approved at WRC2012 this would become a proper amateur allocation, so no NoV would then be needed.