16 Oct 2011

Nostaglia - listen again to famous shortwave interval signals

If, like me, your first experience of short-wave radio was listening to DX broadcast stations back in the 1950s or 1960s on a simple home built radio you may want to take a nostalgic listen to the recordings of a large number of the interval signals from those far-off days. Even now, those evocative tunes send a shiver of excitement down my spine.  Some browsers may not like the link which is to my public Dropbox folder, but I assure you it is safe.


Anonymous said...

This does bring me back.

Perhaps my favorite, because the signal seemed so strong here in the American midwest, was the BBC's use of "Lillibullero".

Thanks for the memories!

Bob said...

Yes I used to know all those by heart. And collected the QSL cards. I wonder what that did for our security ratings! I think the Radio Cuba propaganda kept going to my parents for about 20 years!