16 Oct 2011

10m AM DX QSO today

Today I had a nice solid AM QSO across the Atlantic to K2WF in Long Island on 29.010MHz when I was running just 4W to the halo antenna. My report was 55 and I gave Alan 57. He was running 25W carrier. This is my first 10m DX AM QSO in about 10 years and very welcome too.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Roger.

I think I may have heard that station today. I'm getting strong images on my RX (Kenwood R1000) from Chinese BC stations on 10m. Still, quite exciting. Wish there were more AMer's around, cultivating the art of discussion.

The FM section just sounds like sidebanders who have found what the FM mode button does! It's all QSL this QSL that rubber stamp stuff.

Even heard a few going "OOORla! OOORla!" on FM! - Huh?

I love listening to the laid back, bucking the trend attitude of American AM Hams.

David. (G8JGO)

JR1LZK said...

Hi Roger,
I found your site when I was searching 10m AM DX window.
Today, we have very good signals from EU on 10m.
I hope to contact with you guys on 10m AM soon.
Best 73, Taka JR1LZK