25 Sep 2011

10m WIDE open - best for me in MANY years

Having just got back from France I switched on the FT817 on 10m to find the band wide open. Not that much on SSB (W4, 5B4 etc) but on WSPR with just 5W to my halo I was getting reports right away from the southern USA (-12dB S/N from W4DJW at 6537km and KB9AMG at 6300km). K9AN was giving me reports of +5dB S/N suggesting 5mW would be enough to cross the pond. Sounds like this autumn conditions are going to be excellent in 10m and possibly 6m.

UPDATE at 1845z: band still open to the USA, S.America and Europe. Just like the "good old days"!


Paul PC4T said...

Hi Roger, thanks for the hint, in the meantime indeed reported in USA, SA and other countries on 10 meter WSPR. 73 Paul

Anonymous said...

Indeed, this weekend there was the ww rtty contest. On 10m I made some firsts like VU, LU, OD, JA, FG with 20 watts from an FT450 and simple G5RV jr antenna. Band was open all weekend. Amazing !
73 Ron

Anonymous said...

Heard my first US stations in FM mode! Also a repeater near Long Island (I think). No AM heard so far.

27025 Kc/s good for monitoring stateside CB for propagation (AM mode).

David, G8JGO.