26 Sep 2011

10m - AMAZING propagation again today

Starting with reports of my QRP WSPR signal from VK6BN at 0640z, the day on 10m has been simply amazing. The band has been WIDE open to all continents today and sounded (almost) as good as I ever remember it. Several USA stations worked (with 59 reports) on QRP SSB. One report on WSPR from VK4 suggested just 50mW would have been enough to get me reports from Australia!

I just hope this upsurge in conditions lasts a while. Just maybe, the peak of cycle 24 could yet be a good one. An indication of conditions is how far above 28.5MHz stations spread out. Stations were spreading out to at least 28.6MHz on SSB and this is a weekday with no contests.

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Anonymous said...

Whens the peak for this cycle - is it next year?
i'll have to build some 10m stuff in time!