30 Aug 2011

WSPR database issues

Some people in the UK, including me, have been unable to find wsprnet.org today. After working perfectly overnight the site just disappeared and via Virgin Media and just some other ISPs it isn't available currently. For others it works OK. This isn't the same as the recent overload issues: something has changed at their end or in the way the site connects to the internet. Hopefully all will be resolved soon or I'll have to resort to CW more often!

A useful site to check connections is http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/# which allows you to check if a site has really disappeared or not. According to this, wsprnet.org is still there, so I assume it is a routing issue.

Shortly before the link was lost I was getting VK8AW well on 10m WSPR. Guess I'll have to wait now to see if my 5W WSPR signals made it to Australia this morning.....

UPDATE: 1415BST - it's back.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

wsprnet.org is loading ok here. So indeed the problem is something else as a temporarely server problem. Hope you can connect to it soon again. 73, Bas

Mike G4GOC said...

A JCB cut through some critical fibre this morning. That's likely to have been the reason.`