29 Aug 2011

US politicians and science - are their politician brain dead?

As the USA starts its next election campaign I'm seriously worried that the country is likely to end up being run by a brain dead, ignorant and downright dangerous politician from the fundamentalist, anti-global warming, anti-science, isolationist brigade. See this article from the New York Times kindly sent to me by Michael AA1TJ.  Although this is about republicans, there are as many democrats with equally stupid views. It seems you have to be stupid in all things (apart from making money) to make the grade over there.  Seriously, we are talking about the nation that is supposed to show the world a moral lead, to champion policies to safeguard the planet.

American citizens, please use your head when selecting you future politicians as it matters very much.


chris said...

Show me a Democrat who doesn't think evolution is real.

The Republicans are (almost) universally evolution/climate change deniers and science haters.

There's no equivalence on this topic; as Krugman said, this is the new litmus test for Republican candidates.

Casey Bahr said...

I'm not sure that the President really runs much anymore. Besides, the administration and Congress are basically bought and paid for. It's a structural deficiency that national level politicians must continuously raise money for obscenely expensive campaigns due to a misguided application of the Constitution's First Amendment guarding free speech.

Yes, Chris, there is a difference between the two major parties, but it is fast becoming a difference without a distinction.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, while the D's usually get the science right, they don't seem to understand real world economics.

As bad as the former guy was with the deficit, this current guy is about 4 or 5 times worse.

If you get out of your shack and do some grocery shopping you'll notice that the price of food is much higher than it was last year.

What we need is someone who gets BOTH. Not sure I see anyone like that on either team.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop those crazies who plug electrodes into mother earth and mess with her low frequency handing.

Leave the politics to other blogs.

Roger G3XBM said...

To the last person to make a comment, when I feel something is of GLOBAL criticality I will post it on my blog. I feel this is so in the case of US politics at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Clinton and Blair were a good Partnership, it all went crap when Bush got in. If god was elected president he would not be able to sort this mess out!

Anonymous said...

Roger Please carry on posting topical
comments on your Blog.
If I put something topical on Twitter
I get loads of comments and politicians following me.
If I post something mundane they unfollow.