5 Feb 2011

JT65A on HF

Having seen the article on how to do this in the latest edition of Practical Wireless, I have installed the software and taken a listen/look. Main issue seems to be that the AGC in the FT817 is fierce and with close-by PSK31 signals it kills the gain of weak JT65A signals nearby. Anyway, it looks a useful mode. For HF use, download the HF tailored version at http://jt65-hf.sourceforge.net/. Not yet had a 2-way QSO but will soon when I've got the hang of this.


Julian said...

Have you tried turing the AGC off (and backing off the RF gain if the Rx overloads)?

Antonio Martínez said...

Hi. I´ve FT817 and no problems with JT65. I copied signals -28 dB and multiple stations. You can see a pic of screen in my blog ea1gfy.blogspot.com
I´ll hoped to see in my waterfall.

Anonymous said...

GB3VHF on 2mtrs sends JT65B as well as cw, so if you have 2mtrs, try decoding it.

Martin, G4FFC