6 Feb 2011

DK7FC copied well here on 8.97kHz

After a few false starts and faulty kit, I managed good copy of Stefan DK7FC's signals on 8.97kHz this afternoon with my loop in the garden and this simple preamp into Spectrum Lab running on the PC. S/N was around 5-7dB in a 4.52mHz bandwidth. He was also copied in Iceland at over 2400kms.


Michael, AA1TJ said...

That's fantastic Roger. Germany to England on 8.97kHz. A kite antenna to a garden loop...talk about pushing the envelope!

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Mike, AA1TJ

Matthias said...

Hi Roger, I visited Stefan during his experiments and took some pictures of his activities and his equipment. Images can be viewed here: http://mkorbit.de/2011/02/08/signalubertragung-auf-langstwelle-vlf/