18 Jan 2011

VLF earth-mode tests legal without NoV

Today I received a letter from OFCOM, which clarifies the legality of operating so called "earth mode" (conduction/induction via the ground) experiments at frequencies below 9kHz in the UK. In it, the official from OFCOM stated, "We would not normally issue NoVs for communications using non-wireless telegraphy apparatus/stations i.e.  where you rely only on conducted emissions and where there are no intentional radiated emissions.".

Wanting to check earth mode propagation behaviour at a series of frequencies below 9kHz to see how results compared (earlier tests at 0.838kHz seemed around 10dB better than at 8.76kHz), I asked OFCOM if I needed an NoV extension to be legal. One could reasonably also argue that such through the ground conduction tests at frequencies above 9kHz would also be legal as long as they don't
cause any "Undue Interference to any wireless telegraphy" and one was not intending to radiate.

This sounds a wholly pragmatic answer from a government body.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

Great news if you are like me and hate filling out Forms.
That leaves it open for more people
to experiment at frequencies below 9kHz. Roger have you found out what the optimum frequency is for earth mode communication?

KR Tony