17 Jan 2011

PA1B's QRPp website

Whilst looking at the links on PC4T's blog I noticed Bert PA1B's excellent website all about QRPp operating with lots of tips on how to produce mW power levels and have real fun on the HF bands.

This has encouraged me to have a go, so I am currently WSPR beaconing on various HF bands using 10mW out from the FT817 via a 20dB attenuator right next to the rig.These were the results from 40m late this afternoon and into the early evening. Encouraging!
Best DX 983km with 10mW in just a few hours!


Paul - PC4T said...

Hello Roger, indeed a inspiring web site. We can do a lot with QRPp. 73 Paul

Dick said...

I visitied his website and was impressed. What is more, he doesn't have a 50-foot tower and 3 element mono-band yagi. Still has a great record,