9 Jan 2011

Reports on 137.5kHz WSPR and QRSS3

In the last couple of days I have managed to get a couple of reports on 136/137kHz. Yesterday G3UUT copied my QRSS3 beacon and today G3XIZ copied the WSPR beacon. Neither represent any great distance - G3XIZ is 46km and G3UUT about 18km - but these are my first reports since getting back on the band after a few months of absence. ERP was about 10-20uW. G3XIZ was getting me at about -22dB S/N suggesting that around 100km may be possible on WSPR with the current kit (I did get a few spots from G3YXM at 148km last autumn with the same set-up), so I hope a few more stations in range can manage to detect me. I really must increase the ERP by 10dB: I have been saying this for too long and not doing anything about it!

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