11 Jan 2011

ERP with the loop on 136kHz

Today I did a recalculation of my 136kHz ERP using the loop antenna with my WSPR transverter. I have a small RF ammeter in series with the loop wire and I measured the current as 1.3A.

For 136kHz the ERP of a loop is = (I^2 * A^2) / (205 * 10^6)
where I = loop current and A = loop area (see "LF Today" RSGB book p101)

Putting in the numbers ERP = 1.3^2 * 80^2 (205 * 10^6)

So my ERP = 52uW on 136kHz.

A further 3dB could be obtained by thickening up the wire used in the loop taking the ERP up to around 100uW. Other improvements could come from increasing the TX power output from the present 5W. Later today I will work on a small ATU to resonate my 5m feeder to the 28MHz halo as a Marconi vertical. First I will work out the antenna current needed to beat the ERP of the loop. At least a Marconi will not be directional, which is a drawback of the loop.

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