29 Jan 2011

137kHz transverter update

Breadboarded 137kHz 8W transverter (ERP 50uW from antenna)
Simple 137kHz QRP transverter - click for larger image
Today I combined the RX and TX parts of my 137kHz QRP transverter for the first time and all is working although I'm losing a few dB in RX sensitivity at the moment. Copying DL, SM, PA and G stations on WSPR RX. Best DX being 148km on WSPR TX.  Who says LF has to be hard? HI.


Anonymous said...

Well done Roger.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

I have just sent the new circuit to my iPod touch
to view at a latter date. Any more news on the four metre
transverter? Liked your YouTube clip.

Kind regards


Roger G3XBM said...

My 42MHz crystals should be here this week. Building and testing will follow quickly thereafter.