16 Jul 2010

More 8.97kHz operation from Germany

Just seen this post on the LF reflector from Horst DO1KHS/DI2AN :
"As you know I am planning tests on Dreamers Band from 24. July 2010 on our fieldday at Erpeler Ley, JO30ON.  I will install a 800m earth base. Possibly there is a chance for me to leave the near field. So watch out for my signal.  Beside that there is much space for near field test. So I can compare my vertical antenna with the tv transformer to the big earth base. I will be online there via UMTS so I can give you the details here in the reflector."
So, some further 8.97kHz operation from Germany next week. More details of power, mode etc expected next week but he is expecting to run 100W with QRSS600 and plain carrier.

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