16 Jul 2010

70MHz, Icom and Yaesu

There are now approaching 40 DXCC countries granting access to the 70MHz (4m) band and further countries are granting access every few months it appears. See  http://www.70mhz.org/bands.htm.  I do hope that some of the commercial "big boys" such as Yaesu and Icom start to make VHF multimode rigs that include 4m in future. It can't be too difficult to add this band. Apart from the latest ChineseWouxun FM handportables (see  www.wouxun.co.uk) and ex-PMR units, only the FT847 has 70MHz coverage. Imagine how operation on 4m SSB/CW would take off if Yaesu's FT817 successor has 4m coverage as well.

1 comment:

Jan, PA9QV said...

Indeed a great wish for many of us.

No 70MHz in NL (yet), but I could be active from DK with my OZ9QV call