15 Jun 2010

Grounded electrode antenna on 500kHz

This evening I tried listening on 500kHz WSPR using the 20m spaced grounded electrode pair "antenna" in the back garden (earth rods 20m apart). To my surprise I decoded G3ZJO and G7NKS. Both stations were using just 1-2mW ERP. I'm tempted to try this "antenna" (actually a loop formed in the earth) on TX to see if anyone can decode me on 500kHz.


Dave said...

I have noticed an increase in signals at LF/MF my putting the antenna on the ground. I made a helical using plastic pipe and 600ohm ribbon feeder as an RX ant. When layed on the ground MF NDBs and topband signals came up greatly. In audio, I use to us a microphone called a pressure zone mic. This put the mic capsule (pointing down) 3mm above the surface which was a flat plate.

Just wondered if there is a similar effect with RF?

G8JGO 73.

PastelArtist said...

Just a note Roger, my ERP is still 200uW. Shame that WSPR is incapable of indicating true QRPp levels.