16 Jun 2010

500kHz WSPR - without an antenna!

Well, I'm amazed. This evening I connected my 500kHz transverter straight to the two connections of my sub-9kHz grounded electrodes and TXed WSPR. No attempt was made to match anything on the assumption that the two electrodes system looked not too far from 50 ohms resistive as measured between 1-9kHz.. Pout from the IRF510 is around 5W. What happened?

Three people copied me
- M0BMU, G7NKS and M0JXM with reports between -21 and -28dB S/N. The wire to the furtherest ground rod is at most 20m long and most of the way it is 1.5m above ground. Once again, this must be acting as a pretty effective loop mostly within the ground.  Screen grab of the WSPR log attached.

So, if you live on clunchy chalk soils like me then don't worry too much about big antennas, :-)

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