17 Apr 2010

VLF amateur DX in Poland (290kms) on 9.6kHz

Marcin SQ2BXI has sent me this message today (April 17th 2010):
In last night we have VLF eksperiment in 9,6kHz in SP2KDS Club.Club signal copied Jacek SQ5BPF -distance 290km.
Movie tranmiter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sn6AmpkwlU&feature=player_embedded
and Polish page: http://www.sp2kds.pl/136khz/298-pierwsze-proby-nadajnika-w-pamie-marzycieli.html

Next experiments will soon have to 8.970kHz...
73! Marcin SQ2BXI

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roger i have enjoyed reading your blog thanks for sharing
Matt http://www.m6ceb.co.uk