18 Apr 2010

New 80m AM transceiver kit from Small Wonder Labs

Dave Benson K1SWL has produced a QRP 80m AM rig with a crystal controlled TX and 50kHz tunable receiver. Full details at http://smallwonderlabs.com/Retro-75.htm including a PDF builders guide. There is also a Yahoo Group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SWLRetro75/


Dave said...

Hi Roger,

I also found this kit on the Small Wonder web site (after I followed your link on your previous post re: the rockmite). It is wonderful to see a kit such as this. I hope it gets a few more people interested in AM. Not sure AM is a QRP mode as such - at least given the geographical distribution of AMers these days. But the kit looks like it is viable for 3615Khz and my thoughts are that it would make a nice mobile/portable rig (with an amplifier or barefoot).

73 G8JGO

Roger G3XBM said...

2.5W might be a bit marginal on 80m AM when the band is noisy but it is a fun project nonetheles.