29 Mar 2010

A new personal WSPR DX record

This evening I put the WSPR beacon first on 20m and then 30m running 1W into the 5m long vertical matched with the Elecraft T1 auto-ATU. First came a report from a VE6 in Alberta on 20m then a new DX record on 30m with a report from VK2/VK6DI at 16969kms. Not bad going for 1W to an indifferent antenna. Some of the European reports suggest that I'd still have been heard in Europe with just 5mW. VK6DI is a QRSS and weak signal mode enthusiast: see his site at http://www.users.on.net/~davroz/vk6di/


Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

Well done. On this moment I runing 500mW into a magnetic loop, inside the house. I'm waiting for the moment that my signal is heard outside Europe.

73, Gose (Tjeerd)

Roger G3XBM said...

Gose, your signal will certainly be heard at DX distances with WSPR. The mode is amazingly good for QRP.

mvandewettering said...

I've been heard by VK6WS, with a distance of 14842 km, on both 80 and 40m. Second best is DP1POL who was operating from grid IB59uh in Antartica, at a distance of 14831km.

The best stations that I've heard are ZS6Y in grid KG33wv, at a distance of 16927 (he was running 100w!), ZS1TX (16492 km on 5w) and ZS1LS (16477 km on 20w), all on 30m.