30 Mar 2010

10m is calling me

As I sat winding my ATU for 500kHz this evening my thoughts were again turning to 28MHz. Although I've plenty of ways of getting on the 10m band already, I've always fancied a simple homebrew rig either for CW or sideband.  One idea is to make a QRPp WSPR beacon that I could leave running almost continuously. I've a 14.060kHz crystal that might just make it to 28.124600 when doubled in the right circuit. Into a simple phasing SSB circuit and I could have a few milliwatts of 10m WSPR.

1 comment:

John Desmond, EI7GL said...

An excellent idea considering that the Sporadic-E season is just about to start.

Even with milliwatts, I'm sure you'll get plenty of reports.

The only issue really is getting people to leave 30m and try 10m!

If you try it, perhaps you might post on your blog what times you are going to be on air. I can leave my rig on here and I might hear you during some of the shorter skip openings in June.

John, EI7GL