5 Feb 2010

XBM80-2 video and PCB (draft)

A short video about the XBM80-2 80m CW micro-transceiver. This is built "ugly style" on a piece of copper clad board. It will get put in a box soon! I've also been having a go at a PCB (just 1 inch square - 25mm x 25mm).


g4ilo said...

Nice video, Roger. It would have been interesting if you had plugged the RX into a small amp so we could hear what it sounds like. Mine seems very shrill and there is almost no audio below 2KHz so even a strong signal tuned across the passband disappears within +/- 2KHz of the crystal frequency. Any idea what the trouble might be? I'm stumped.

Roger G3XBM said...

Try increasing the value of the coupling cap into the base of TR2. I used a 0.1uF but a 0.47uF or 1uF might be better. I could do a video with my SINADDER attached so you can hear what it sounds like.

Anonymous said...

Great YouTube video roger.

73 Tony G4LLW