4 Feb 2010

Back on 500kHz tonight

Having been playing around with the XBM80-2 80m micro transceiver for a couple of days, I've not been on 500kHz for a bit. However, I am back again tonight with the 1mW ERP WSPR beacon. Reports from LA3EQ and GM4SLV amongst others received so far.


Anonymous said...

Great YouTube clip roger.
Which pcb design pacage are you using roger?
I have got a pcb design paksge called easy P C design,
It's in thel loft with the folder and CD rom.
At one time I instaled it on our spare PC but never got round to using it. I kind have got hooked on ugly construction style.
I you get round to prodlucing some pcb's I would be interested.

73 Tony G4LLW

Roger G3XBM said...

For one-off ham projects ugly construction is my favourite approach too. A PCB is useful if you do a project to be duplicated. I am trying Spring Layout 4 which is basic in the extreme.

Roger G3XBM said...

Correction - Sprint (not Spring) Layout 4.