20 Jan 2010

Plessey reborn as UK's newest semiconductor firm

Many of us remember the Plessey name from the range of RF ICs it made back in the 1980s e.g. the SL640, SL641 and the SL6440. In their day they were ahead of the time. Many an SSB transceiver was built around these ICs. Well, Electronics Weekly reports Plessey is back.
"Plessey Semiconductors, one of the most renowned names in the UK’s semiconductor history, has been relaunched as a chip business operating from the original Plessey CMOS fab at Roborough in Plymouth.
Plessey Semiconductors has been created out of Plus Semi, a company set up to acquire the manufacturing facilities of two former Plessey fabs in Swindon and Roborough."
Electronics Weekly is available online and is well worth checking.

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