20 Jan 2010

500kHz monitoring by OK2BVG

This email came in today from Lubos OK2BVG who is going to extraordinary lengths to help me meet my 1000kms target on 500kHz WSPR. I do hope he hears me from a quieter country QTH. Last night my best DX was 960kms.
Hello Roger!

I didn´t see your QRPP signal, when we tried WSPR some days ago.  So... I packed my receiver + computer to a car and I moved them on my portable QTH outside of town today morning. I have got EWE aerial for 500kHz there. I started whole set on frequency 502.400kHz. It will be receiving continuously some days and nights. I have got Internet line from my cottage to my home hamshack, so I am able to see what is written in WSPR window there. It will be interesting test, I think.
73! Lubos, OK2BVG, JN88KS

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