23 Jan 2010

JT4A mode on 500kHz

The next (operational) project is emerging from the mists..... Several people have started to experiment with JT4A WSJT mode on 500kHz. This allows basic EME/MS style QSO exchanges so should allow me some 2-way contacts on the band with my low ERP. Still to work out how to run the software though: when I tried the other night I could see strong traces but no decodes. Getting this sorted will be half the fun. Then I might try to mode on VHF too. JT4A uses a bandwidth of 17.5Hz with tone spacings of 4.375Hz and can decode down to -23dB S/N. This is somewhat less sensitive than WSPR but would still allow QSOs with quite a large number of the stations who've heard me on WSPR.

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Dave said...

Hi Roger,

Did a quick search for JT4A and it's relative JT2. Both modes seem to show promise for LF/VLF comms. Congratulations on the 1Km plus WSPR report by the way.