22 Jan 2010

QRP Books

International QRP Collection is a new book bringing together articles from magazines around the world on QRP (low power) radio. There are articles on commercial equipment, homebrew ideas, test equipment and operating on bands from 160m to microwaves plus much more. A friend who is not too familiar with QRP thinks it is a good introduction, but I must admit I was disappointed: the collection seems disjointed and, in my view, a better set of articles could have been put together. As an example, the intriguing transceiver on the cover does not appear in the articles inside! Overall, I'd give this one 6 out of 10. The book is available from the RSGB. 

QRP Basics by G.Dobbs G3RJV is a much better book and worth buying.


Anonymous said...

QRP basics is a fantastic book! Very easy to read for someone like me who knows little about the electrical side of radio.It writen in an informative and light hearted manner and describes many QRP rigs both commercially made and home brew,as well as techniques on how to get the best results.-m3hxe

Anonymous said...


You could write a book about your QRP projects and 500kHZ.
It would be a best seller.
You must also write a book about PYE Telecom.

73 Tony G4LLW

Richard G3CWI said...

QRP Basics has a handsome looking chap on the front cover too.



Roger G3XBM said...

Sitting in the rain on top of mountains to work a few SOTA hams, you deserve the fame Richard!