29 Jun 2009

In praise of the Asus EEE Netbook PC

For over a year I've used a little 7 inch screen Asus PC701 Netbook PC running the preloaded Linux operating system "as is" as my main PC. It has never crashed, always boots up in seconds, does 95% of what I ever need from a PC and is inexpensive. It went with me to New Zealand on holiday (allowing me to do a daily blog from hotel rooms and to video Skype our sons) and fits easily in the hand luggage. Today in the UK the version ships with 8GB of solid state memory (mine just has the 4GB) from around £151 brand new.

If you want simple, low cost and effective computing you'd be hard pressed to beat this little beauty. Of course there is now a lot of choice in netbooks with larger screens, XP etc, but for me the original Asus EEE is hard to fault.

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