11 Jan 2021

Yaesu FTDX10

Yaesu has just released its new hybrid 100W SDR transceiver the FTDX10. It is based on the FTDX101. 

I wonder if Yaesu is considering an SDR QRP rig to replace the FT817/818 and to compete with the IC-705? 

The new radio does not cover 2m and 70cm, but does have an auto ATU, although I expect the range is limited. It also includes 4m TX.  It is a fair bit more expensive than the IC-705.

At the moment I am torn. As a QRP fan I have owned 2 FT817s and several other Yaesu products. They have all been reliable. The standard Yaesu warranty is 3 years. 

Although I stand to be corrected, I do not think the Yaesu radio has the GPS and Bluetooth features that the IC-705 has. At the moment, the IC-705 is still better in my view.


G1KQH said...

Yes Yaesu are certainly well back in the game now, no more doom and gloom stories :-)

73's Steve

Roger G3XBM said...

I hope you are right. For too many years they have been followers not leaders.