10 Jan 2021

Life - NOT amateur radio

Some days ago I mentioned the estimates for the number of planets in the visible universe. The numbers are staggering. Assuming just a very small number of these have intelligent life, that still leaves a huge number. 

I have no idea how many humans have existed over time, but I am estimating 10,000,000,000.  To be a conscious being alive today on Earth is an incredible thing. Just think, if just one of our ancestors had not had children then we would not be here. Amazing.

No doubt in the years to come our understanding of the universe will change dramatically, but one could be forgiven for thinking each of us is unimportant, yet the opposite seems to be true. Each of us seems important and our love and kindness seem to matter.

No, life and consciousness are deep mysteries. Most religions try to answer these issues, but only hint. All seem too small.

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