3 Dec 2020

15m FT8 RX

At about 0900z, I turned on 15m FT8 RX using the FT817ND and the tiny indoor loop. It is now 0915z and already 28 stations spotted including the Middle East and Asiatic Russia spotted.

UPDATE 1115z:  136 stations spotted on 15m FT8 RX today so far. The furthermost is UA9Y (5055km).

UPDATE 1520z:  372 stations spotted so far today on 15m FT8 RX. See map. As you can see, plenty of North and South Americans spotted. It is hard to think this is not too far off sunspot minimum. What will it be like at the maximum?


Unknown said...

When you say the tiny indoor loop, is that the Wonder loop?
Alan G1MSA

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes. It is about 7 years old now and hardly been used. My "proper" loop for 10m is homebrew and uses much a thicker inductor made of central heating pipe. When it works (!) it should be several dB better.