21 Nov 2020

Slapton Line - NOT amateur radio

This is a photo of Slapton Line in Devon. During WW2 it was used by the Americans in "Operation Tiger", which was a rehearsal for D-day in Normandy.  In the far distance is Start Point with its lighthouse. There is no sand, just pebbles.

This is where I come from in South Devon.  In recent years the main road across "the Line" has been washed away twice during storms.  On both occasions the road was rebuilt.

In the next 100 years I think this will be replaced by a road on the other side of the Ley (freshwater lake).  It has been there all of my lifetime, but I cannot see it surviving more bad storms. Building a new road will be expensive. We tend to think of things as permanent, whereas we only see things for a generation. From a repair viewpoint, there comes a point when rebuilding the road along "the Line" is simply no longer viable. It would be better to bite the bullet and replace this important road with a new one that will last for hundreds of years.

If the sandbank is broken, it will change the Ley from freshwater to saltwater, totally changing the ecosystem.

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