16 Nov 2020

Antenna projects

During the next few months I have a couple of antenna projects that need doing. 

Firstly I need to get an antenna for 10m erected. The easiest would be either an dipole or inverted vee. My problem is erecting this, even though it is small. At about 5m overall length this is quite compact.

My second project is to replace the wire back to the shack from the far electrode of my earth-electrode "antenna". This should be straightforward.

Another possibility is an end fed antenna via a 49:1 unun. This should be a low impedance and multiband antenna even without an ATU. With a modest ATU I should be able to get a good match on all HF bands.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you stick up the par end fed antenna?

It worked pretty well previously.

Anonymous said...

I recommend the G3XBM "Homebase - 10/6"