29 Nov 2020

10m FT8 QRP (Sunday)

At about 1030z, I turned on 10m FT8 with the indoor loop and 2.5W. The band feels lively. 1 station spotted on RX: RD4D (3180km).

UPDATE 1212z: 25 stations spotted on RX. Nobody has spotted my 2.5W yet today.

UPDATE 1355z: 28 stations spotted with best DX spotted WP3PZ (6898km) in Puerto Rico. Still no-one has spotted me and no 10m FT8 QSOs.

UPDATE 1515z:  Much to my surprise, no more stations spotted on 10m FT8 this afternoon. I was expecting to spot a few North and South Americans, but spotted none. I shall give it a few more hours then QSY to 2m.

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