15 Oct 2020

6m FT8 (2.5W and the V2000 vertical omni)

In a few minutes I hope to turn on 6m FT8.  It is now 0647z.  If I spot anyone or anyone spots me, I shall be pleased and amazed. 

However, they do call it the "magic band" as from time to time strange things happen. 

The most probable outcome is white noise, followed by the odd G spot (from dedicated people who like punishment) and possibly the odd European by aircraft or Es.

UPDATE 0723z:  6m FT8 now turned on. No spots given or received.

UPDATE 1025z: Just a spot from G0PQO (50km). No spots on RX and no QSOs.

UPDATE 1806z:  Now QRT. With no spots at all on RX and just 1 spot of me on TX, today has been a poor day.

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