16 Sep 2020

20m FT8 (4W and the indoor loop)

As 15m FT8 here was dreadful here, I QSYed to 20m FT8. 

Although I did a total reboot of the PC and reset the clock to internet time just now, still nothing on PSKreporter.  Locally I am spotting loads of stations. 

I wonder if there is a problem, albeit probably temporary, with PSKreporter? My RX and TX spots were fine on 2m FT8 earlier. I am pretty sure the internet connection is fine as I was able to do a time sync.

UPDATE 1506z:  1 spot on TX and 41 on RX now, so all is now fine.

1 comment:

VE9KK said...

Try going to Ham spots which supports FT8 that's what I do I have both PSK reporter and Ham spots going while on FT8.