1 Aug 2017

Trump - NOT amateur radio

Apologies to all my readers in the USA who voted for him, but personally I find your current president sad. Maybe many in the world are misjudging him?

Allegedly, he has now sacked his latest media chief after a few days in the job.  How can we in the rest of the world take your president seriously? It is about time he acted as a president. This is my personal view and others may well disagree, which is your perfect right.

Sending tweets, claiming lots of the news is fake and sacking people after a few days in office does not sound like a leader of the western world. "You're fired" belongs in a TV show, not in the White House.

See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40782299 .

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DaveL said...

The reason mr. Trump is not acting like a "president" should, is because he doesn't know how! He has never held public office, he is a wealthy, privileged, narcissistic megalomaniac and I don't understand why congress hasn't made more of an effort to impeach him. It wouldn't even matter, except that every ridiculous thing he does just makes the US look like a bunch of idiots to the rest of the world.