7 Aug 2017

More VLF success?

This was posted Saturday by Stefan DK7FC:


After nearly 8 days the carrier is still on the air without an interruption, despite occasional thunderstorms :-)
It looks like the SNR is suffering by summer QRN, as expected.

The stable carrier was good for doing local tests with my Raspi+Octo-soundcard. The system is now completely configured including system time setting via the GPS module. I recorded a few days from the carrier, converted the data files into wav, reprocessed them in SpecLab: The carrier is stable and on the expected frequency, so the sample rate correction via vlfrx tools seems to work.

Forthermore i corrected some bugs in the circuit of my portable RX loop preamp for VLF (must have been late in the night when i built it up a few months ago). Now the noise is much lower. It looks promising! So it is time for a portable VLF experiment in the far field, just to check the system more seriously.

The crew of DL0AO has built up and optimised their VLF system to receive the weak 3675.005 Hz carrier in abt 220 km distance. Looks like there is something on their cardioidal spectrogram pointing to West,
Something like 10 dB SNR in 31 uHz. That's not so bad!

I will run it for some more time until the trace is a bit longer. Then in some days i like to start transmitting an EbNaut message on that frequency which can be stacked until a decode appears. Markus has developed a tool for windows to do the stacking, maybe it works in that experiment... It will also be a test to see if i can decode the message from my own recording using vlfrx tools, an important step to pass...

So far so good. What are YOUR projects you are currently working on, LF/MF/VLF related?

73, Stefan

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