4 Aug 2017

More OFCOM rubbish?

Sorry, but my personal view is OFCOM seems incompetent. Recent tests on VDSL seem to re-enforce this. Is OFCOM really saying the noise pollution of the spectrum, especially in cities, is not getting worse? If so, they must be plain stupid. Even in my village it is much worse than 20 years ago. Please OFCOM get real. There is more to life than money. Sometimes I hear/read nothing but bollocks.

In the USA you have the FCC.

Perhaps OFCOM assume we only go on the internet and digital radio/TV? Well, if you know very little or nothing, about radio you might think that.

See http://rsgb.org/main/files/2012/12/VDSL-RFI-RSGBOfcom-meeting-June-21-2017.pdf

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