7 Aug 2017

Maudlin? - NOT amateur radio

As we get older (this year I enter my 70th year) I guess we become grateful for small things. Even waking up in the morning is a blessing! Seeing migrant birds return always fills me with wonder at nature.

Years ago, I had quite a strong faith. These days I am unsure.  There are so many faiths and I am sure all are an attempt to come to terms with our humanity. Yet it seems hard to think we just become nothing when we die. I am sure all world religions hint at the truth, but all are wrong. You only have to think of all the evil in the last few thousand years done in the name of religion.

Indeed, it is possible that what each of us experiences is unique to us, but this is straying into philosophy. The simple answer is that not one of us knows with any certainty.

In the meantime, we must live each day as if our last: be kind to others and kind to ourselves. Milk every day for the best.

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