7 Aug 2017

Es season ending?

Today, there were just 2 unique spots here on 10m WSPR of my 500mW beacon, although I did much better on 6m FT8 RX. My feeling is the Es season is drawing to a close in the northern hemisphere, although there will still be DX there for those looking. Es occurs at any time of the year although in the UK and USA the best months are May, June and July.

I have worked Es 6m DX on QRP SSB in September and with newer digital modes quite brief openings can now be spotted. Never give up!

As we enter the "quiet sun" years E layer propagation becomes more important and may be the best hope of DX on 10m and higher bands.

For reasons I do not understand, there is a smaller Es peak around the end of December and early January. So, for those alert, there are plenty of opportunities for DX by E layer at any time of the year. OK, outside the peak months there may be long quiet periods, but stick with it and search out those brief openings!

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