1 Aug 2017

20m FT8

At the moment I am on 20m RX. After a brief period in which I called CQ and was heard in GI, I have reverted to RX only for now. I have spotted several Europeans including European Russia.

20m FT8 early
UPDATE 0835z:  Lots of Europeans seem to be on 20m FT8. Later I'll try TX again on  20m FT8. I need to check the storm maps first and do some shopping as we have friends for lunch. They are very easy going. Once, they were coming for tea at 4.30pm. They arrived at 10.30pm! They never change and I like them as they are. The map shows the stations received this morning on 20m FT8.

UPDATE 1610z: As the storm was a non-event, I have reconnected everything on 20m FT8. I was TXing for a few minutes (calling CQ) and was copied in Southern Europe, but have now reverted to RX only on 20m. Plenty of Europeans spotted.

20m FT8 RX last few hours
UPDATE 2136z: For the last few hours I have been on 20m FT8 RX. Plenty of stations, even with my low, poor 20m antenna.

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