29 Jul 2017

UK Pound against the Euro - NOT amateur radio

My prediction was that the UK Pound would appreciate against the Euro later this year. At the moment it is getting weaker!

I am no expert, but still believe that the Euro will weaken. I am definitely not a financial expert and this is more of a hunch than science.

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Anonymous said...

Me too. I'm still really surprised the global banking sector has managed to avoid the 2008 crunch, using smoke and mirrors. However, several Italian banks are now in deep doo-doo, shortly followed by French banks, and even German banks! The fragile house of cards has been kept standing by Mario Dragi effectively printing billions of Euros (QE), but this cannot go on forever. (this is kept very quiet in the media). Sometime, someone (probably Deutsche bank etc) will have to pay for the crazy toxic investments, which add up to trillions of euros: too much for even Germany to bail out. Then we will see the real tumbles: problem is, the pound is tangled up in this mess too (see Barclays problems) so it it not clear who will fall hardest. The sooner this happens, the less painful it will be. G6AIG Hugh.