10 Jul 2017

Post Office Travel Card - NOT amateur radio

The UK Post Office offers a prepay travel card which appears quite good. As my old card expired last month and I changed my address, they promised to send me a new card, credited with the money left on the old card. No card arrived and I got an email saying they were experiencing very high loads and apologies. Today I got an email asking me to call their customer services number. All I can say is CRAP!! To say I am annoyed is an understatement.


Gareth Howell said...

If that's a foreign currency card, Roger, I can recommended opening a Metrobank account instead. It's a normal current account but you can use any ATM in the EU and withdraw Euros with no additional charge (just the exchange rate). The main advantage is no need to top up the card and (effectively) lose it until you use it.
I move some money to my Metrobank account before travelling, use it like my normal current account when abroad, and then transfer the remaining balance back to my normal account on my return.
I think there's a branch in Cambridge.

Roger G3XBM said...

Gareth - thanks for the advice.