19 Jul 2017

BBC salaries - NOT amateur radio

The BBC was made to disclose (by the government) the salaries of their top stars and presenters. Quite a few earn more than £500k a year and some over £2M a year! Sorry, but I think this is insane and immoral: I am sure there are people who could do as good a job on much lower salaries.  BBC? Big Bangs Corporation or Big Bonkers Corporation.

Remember we pay for these people with our licence fees. Shame!


G1KQH said...

I think I am going to change from being a Ham radio operator to DJ radio presenter at BBC Radio.

My Ham CV says I have experience speaking into a Mic, must stand be in good stead for a chance?

Insane true!!

But it must be nice though if you earn that sum, for them that is not me :-(

73 G1KQH

Anonymous said...

The money goes to much more than outrageous salaries!

Check out this Tweet https://twitter.com/MxJackMonroe/status/887609669166018560

Martin, NL7322