6 Jul 2017

And STILL they wait....zzzzz

In the USA the FCC has still not released 137 and 472kHz to radio amateurs!! Frankly this is almost unbelievable. The FCC seems so unbelievably S L O W. At this rate many potential users will be dead i.e. those over 30 years old before these bands are released.😟 

I suspect most at the FCC know absolutely nothing about radio. This is demonstrable by the time taken to make radio related decisions. Come on FCC - get a grip!!!

I am losing all faith in the USA. First you elect Donald, seen by many in the world as a bad joke, and your main radio regulator appears useless to many of us in the rest of the world.

See http://www.arrl.org/news/band-plan-proposed-for-eventual-472-479-khz-use .

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Todd Dugdale said...

"I suspect most at the FCC know absolutely nothing about radio. "

True. The proof was the recent reorganisation of the Part 95 (unlicensed) radio Services. It was obvious from the text that these people had no understanding of radio. For example, GMRS (UHF FM) repeaters were prohibited from linking over the internet because that would allegedly "allow people to make phone calls". Huh? Unlicensed digital UHF FM was prohibited because people using analogue radios "wouldn't be able to tell if the frequency was in use". Maybe if they were deaf.

Many, many U.S. hams still cling to the idea of a "fatherly" FCC watching out for our best interests. In truth, it's a case of benign neglect. The last thing amateur radio needs is these FCC clowns involving themselves with it. The FCC itself would gladly hand over regulation to a third party, if that were legally possible.

The future is not with VLF, however. At best, there are about two hundred U.S. hams with any interest in VLF -- out of 810K.