18 Jul 2017

6m JT65

Quite a bit of Es this morning on 6m. This is early, so bodes well for the day. 2 hours ago I was briefly on 6m JT65 TX and was copied in southern Europe. Most of the time I am RX only on 6m JT65.

UPDATE 0904z: Best DX on RX (ignoring my pirate supposedly in "Indonesia") is UN6T (5211km) in Kazakhstan. I am pretty sure this is genuine as he was widely spotted in Western Europe and the Middle East.

UPDATE 1734z:  I was out this afternoon, so went QRT and disconnected the rigs and antennas in case there were storms. These now look unlikely until later, so everything is on again (10m WSPR TX and 6m JT65 RX). There seems to be a lot of Es about.

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