21 Jul 2017

6m JT65 RX

I stayed on 6m JT65 overnight. In the last 12 hours just Gs and near continent, possibly by aircraft reflection or tropo. No Es seen here yet on 6m.

UPDATE 0930z: Another station in Puerto Rico was spotted here late last evening. WP4G (6800km) was spotted on 6m JT65. So, a couple of Caribbean stations spotted.

UPDATE 1112z: I keep getting what I assume are false decodes which appear as a station in Algeria in the middle of the Sahara Desert!  As he was spotted by no-one else, I am ignoring these.

UPDATE 1840z: As it seemed very quiet I went on 6m JT65 TX (1W ERP) and was spotted in Southern Europe. There is (at last) some Es on 6m here.

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