4 Jul 2017

6m JT65 again

After another day with Japan copied on 6m JT65, I am again on 6m JT65. It would be good, no remarkable, if my own 6m JT65 signal was spotted in Japan. These very long paths to Japan soon disappear in the next few weeks.

UPDATE 0809z: Plenty of 6m JT65 spots within Europe, but no signs (yet) of anything further afield.

UPDATE 1604z: I am again supposed to have spotted a station in Indonesia on 6m JT65. As before, I do not believe this. I am sure this is a UK pirate, unless proved credible. Funny how all the spots are in the UK and not one in Europe.

UPDATE 1635z: I am supposed to have spotted VU5SGO (7156km) in India on 6m JT65. Judging by others who he has been spotted by, I think this is either a false decode or a pirate too. Pity.

UPDATE 1852z: Now I am supposed to have spotted AR6FDG (6099km) in Pakistan on 6m JT65. Only 2 G stations are shown as having spotted him. UK pirate? Also JW7QIA (2917km) which is believable. It is quite hard to know which are genuine.

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